From the Principal’s Desk
Education, the back bone of one’s life. It plays a vital role in the formation of a person. Our founder , St.Chavara Kuriakose , a true visionary, who started schools attached to all the Syrian Catholic Churches, envisaged that ”without removing ignorance, seed and seedlings of holy people will not be formed”. Thus education is not only a mere school of learning and excelling in academic and professional degree. It also transformed and make a new chapter in one’s life. Hence, along with scientific and technical knowledge, we impart to the students moral, spiritual, psychological, physical and intellectual strength to face this competitive and challenging world. In their quest for right living, the young generations are often misled. Therefore, we provide education which makes them a right thinker and a right decision maker. Moreover, building up a personality with integrity and magnanimity. Henceforth, moulding a society and a nation which is committed and socially responsible. Trusting in the mercy of God, seeking the maternal assistance of our Mother of Carmel, keeping alive the vision and mission of our school, we move forward with hope to shape the generations to come.